PlatinumGames Announces 9 Totally Real Games

It’s time for the April Fools’ nonsense to begin, gamers. Developer PlatinumGames’ uploaded a spoof video of their team, including Hideki Kamiya, vaguely discussing totally legitimate upcoming titles from their catalog. And, well, the video title is clickbait since they don’t even come up with 9 fake games. “Galactic Badass Beat ‘Em Up Action (WIP)” and “GalaPun” are the only 2 of these games brought up. Still, they’re just jokes. Other than those offhand mentions, the video is just a series of gags meant to cause a few quick laughs.

You can view the official PlatinumGames’ April Fools’ video below:

The developer recently released Sol Cresta. Check out our review of it.

Sol Cresta gameplay features where players will be able to dock with friendly ships to unlock new powerups. Further, ships can be reconfigured during a stage to change bullet spreads, and ships can also fire in multiple directions depending on the configuration. The team has dubbed this “Free-Form docking and shooting action.”

PlatinumGames initially teased this game as a joke, but the developer has recently begun self-publishing their titles with the release of Wonderfull 101 Remastered for modern platforms.

Sol Cresta is now available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam.

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