Call of the Sea Developers Reveal 2.5D Platformer & Puzzler ‘American Arcadia’; Trailer & Screenshots

Call of the Sea Developers Reveal 2.5D Platformer & Puzzler ‘American Arcadia’; Trailer & Screenshots

Developer Out of the Blue and publisher Raw Fury have announced an upcoming 2.5D platformer and a first-person puzzler titled American Arcadia.

Throughout this game, players control 2 characters in the luxurious, 70s-style, retro-futuristic land of Arcadia. However, the citizenry aren’t aware that they are being filmed 24/7 for a show called American Arcadia. Still, those well-liked by the audience tend to enjoy an enjoyable life, though those who don’t provide suitable enough entertainment are subjected to a vague, unpleasant fate.

One of the protagonists, Trevor Hills, lives a dull life that should worry him, but a mysterious voice seemingly aims to guide him to the show’s backstage to attain freedom.

This title will boast the following features:

  • Escape a ‘70s Televised Utopia: Discover a gripping story presented uniquely as a documentary, with character interviews and interrogations as you progress.
  • Two Experiences in One Game: Control two characters with completely distinct play styles: one a 2.5D side-scroller with challenging platforming action, breathtaking chases, stealth and puzzles, the other a full 3D first-person game with hacking, exploration, stealth elements and puzzles.
  • Rich Characters & Performances: Exceptional voice talent, including Yuri Lowenthal (Spider-ManPrince of PersiaCall of the Sea), Krizia Bajos (Cyberpunk 2077League of Legends) and Cissy Jones (Firewatch, Life is Strange, Call of the Sea), breathe life into a world of compelling characters.

Screenshots of the upcoming game were provided, viewable below:

You can view the announcement trailer for American Arcadia via the official Raw Fury Youtube channel below:

American Arcadia is in development for unspecified consoles and PC via Steam.

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