Pikmin Bloom Receives Announcement and Launch Trailers; Available Today on iOS and Android

Developer Niantic, known for their work on Pokemon Go, and publishing partner Nintendo have shared 2 new trailers for Pikmin Bloom, a free app on the iOS and Android digital storefronts that encourages its users to be more active in the outside world.

Users can take photos with Pikmin and whistle, causing them to huddle together and carry items, just like they do in the console Pikmin titles. With every step birthing a new Pikmin, there are sure to be hundreds of thousands created over the next few weeks alone.

You can view the Pikmin Bloom Announcement trailer below:

In addition, you can view the Pikmin Bloom Launch Trailer below:

Pikmin Bloom is available today on the iOS App Store and Android Google Play services.

You can read more information on the official Pikmin Bloom website.

While I don’t ever see myself actually using this app, I think the concept is ingenious. Pikmin are the perfect adorable digital creatures that can grant a needed extra literal step of motivation to go outside and take steps towards better physical and mental health.

While this will assuredly not be the same global phenomenon as Pokemon Go, here’s hoping it grows successful enough to make this criminally underrated Nintendo franchise resonate more with the general public conscious.

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