Pikmin 4 Sells 2.61 Million Units Worldwide

Pikmin 4 Sells 2.61 Million Units Worldwide

Nintendo recently launched their Financial Results Explanatory Material for the 2nd Quarter of the Fiscal Year Ending March 2024. Several facets elucidating the company’s growth are highlighted alongside the sales of particular titles.

One of the most substantial reveals is that Pikmin 4 has sold 2.61 million units worldwide. This is a pretty big success for the franchise compared to previous releases. Tears of the Kingdom also had strong sales, nearing 20 million.

“In the first half of the fiscal year, sales of new titles released this fiscal year sold well, with The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (released in May) posting sales of 19.50 million units, and Pikmin 4 (released in July) posting sales of 2.61 million units.”

In July, Pikmin 4 sold 400,000 units in Japan alone.

You can view the full financial report for additional comments.

In Pikmin 4, you customize your explorer and lead the charge daily to find your crew and fix the Rescue Corps ship, the S.S. Shepherd. Lead your squad through vast, explorable areas to find treasures, discover new paths, and battle enemies of all sizes.

You can also direct the Pikmin to collect and carry helpful resources for your mission. Furthermore, you can also get help from a second player in the Story mode. Using an on-screen pointer, your co-op buddy can throw pebbles at enemies to stun them and unleash valuable items in your inventory.

Pikmin 4 is out now on Nintendo Switch.

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