Pikmin 4 Shares Gameplay Overview Trailer

Nintendo has shared the overview trailer for their upcoming real-time strategy title Pikmin 4, detailing the gameplay loop players can expect. In this title, the Rescue Pup Oatchi will aid players’ exploration and save stranded castaways. Additionally, Dandori Battles, Night Expeditions, and treasure collecting are some of the activities one can anticipate.

Pikmin is a strategy game involving the titular characters and a space-faring captain attempting to survive on a hostile yet strangely familiar planet. The games have featured a full-day cycle that acts as a time limit before the player must set off from the planet to stay safe from the dangerous fauna.

In Pikmin 4, you customize your explorer and lead the charge daily to find your crew and fix the Rescue Corps ship, the S.S. Shepherd. Lead your squad through vast explorable areas to find treasures, discover new paths, and battle enemies of all sizes.

You can also direct the Pikmin to collect and carry helpful resources for your mission. Furthermore, you can also get help from a second player in the Story mode. Using an on-screen pointer, your co-op buddy can throw pebbles at enemies to stun them and unleash valuable items in your inventory.

You can view the Pikmin 4 overview trailer below:

Pikmin 4 will be released on Nintendo Switch on August 17, 2023.

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