Physics-Based Metroidvania ‘Rusted Moss’ Launches Accessibility Update

Playism announced that physics-based Metroidvania Rusted Moss by developers faxdoc, happysquared, and sunnydaze, has been updated to feature additional accessibility settings. These options now have greater flexibility, so they’re not solely assigned to extremes.

You can view the accessibility update patch notes for Rusted Moss below, sans a quality of life one omitted for spoiler reasons:

Accessibility Updates

  • Option to disable challenge course timer
  • Players can now increase and decrease base starting health/mana
  • Added health/mana regeneration option
  • Players can adjust boss base health percentage
  • Players can adjust enemy base health percentage
  • Ability to turn off death pit damage

Quality of Life

  • Mana stones now heal player fully on use
  • Added journal to keep track of lore found
  • UI also has a way to look at trinkets when not at a save point
  • Can view current upgrades a player has on the UI
  • Added ability to rebind the grapple and shoot button


Bug Fix

  • Disabling screenshake now also removes camera movement caused by gun recoil

Throughout this title, platforming and combat are performed with a full 360-degree aiming system, allowing inestimable freedom. Further, because of the physics-based momentum, the mechanics are intuitive but difficult to master.

The story of Rusted Moss takes place as humanity is on the brink of collapse, and a faerie invasion is arriving. So, for the sake of survival, they empowered their own witches with Fae magic. However, the protagonist, Fern, is a changeling who was raised by human parents. She seeks to end the Age of Men and return Fae to the world with the help of a shadow named Puck.

In case you missed it, check out our review.

You can view the accessibility update launch video for Rusted Moss below:

Rusted Moss is available on PC via Steam.

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