Phantom of the Idol Vol. 1 Review – A supernatural Idol-ship!

    Title: Phantom Of The Idol Vol. 1
    Author: Hijiki Isoflavone
    Release Date: May 24, 2022
    Publisher: Kodansha Comics

Coming out of Kodansha Comics publishing as its new idol series, Phantom of the Idol by Hijiki Isoflavone is precisely what the cover looks like; a cute, positive series about the life of an idol in Japan. However, a nice twist makes this manga something that stands out in this genre of manga; Ghosts. Well, one ghost, to be exact- Asashi Mogami. 

Phantom of the Idol Vol. 1 3

Without giving away too much of the first volume’s story information, Phantom of the Idol focuses on Yuya Niyodo, a rising idol in the duo Zings. Yuya isn’t your typical idol; he seemingly hates the job and only does it for easy money. He lacks passion for the job, and it’s beginning to take a toll on his work, worst of all for him, his paycheck.

Yuya just wants to be financially stable and has zero drive to work hard as an idol. After a barely successful concert, saved by his partner, the chance meeting of the dead and living happen.

Suddenly, Asashi Mogami appears next to Yuya, expressing to herself how she misses being an idol. You can imagine what happens next, as both characters become shocked at Yuya’s ability to see the ghost girl idol. After a brief introduction, the two conclude that they have opposing feelings about being an idol, which causes an accidental bonding of souls where Asashi possesses Yuya’s body.

Phantom of the Idol Vol. 1 2

The character arcs clearly built to drive the story make Phantom of the Idol such an excellent read. However, Yuya only cares about money, and he is clearly using Asashi to achieve this goal, making me wonder if Yuya is a trustworthy character.

Will he really exploit Asashi for her skills as an idol to make his job easier while he reaps the benefits, or will he begin to find love for his job as an idol? These questions made me want to continue Phantom of the Idol after chapter one and caused the rest of the volume to come together seamlessly. 

Phantom of the Idol Vol. 1 1

There is always something to appreciate about a slice-of-life manga with a niche to focus on to progress the story. For Phantom of the Idol, the uncanny relationship between Yuya and Asashi fuels the manga. Still, the subplots created in the everyday life execution of the story make it feel very grounded and easy to connect with. Volume one was delightful, creating a warm atmosphere to enjoy the lives of idols and idol fans alike.


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