Unmasking the Newly Revealed Action Adventure Phantom Hellcat

Phantom Hellcat has set the stage for an action game you need to keep your eye on. After its general reveal during Gamescom 2022, developer Ironbird Creations shares more information about the game and what players can look forward to in the future. While we weren’t able to go hands-on with the game, we were able to sit down with the developer to learn a bit more.

During gameplay, players will meet Jolene, a girl with a complicated relationship with her mom. I can relate. You see, Jolene’s mom is the guardian over a mysterious theater housing demons. However, the mom has been sent to another dimension, and it’s up to Jolene to step up and save her family.

Jolene’s personality is rebellious. She exudes a calm and collected attitude that I was drawn to. Her design features a walkman, adding to her punk rock appeal. By using masks, Jo can gain access to new skills and weapons that can be switched to on the fly during combos. The adventure will primarily focus on combat, emphasizing player skill as encounters are scored.

Phantom Hellcat 2

Further, the game features 2D sections that require some platforming but also require players to use combative skills to navigate the areas. Masks found in later levels can be brought back to access new areas and uncover lore and other secrets. This is semi-Metroidvania-like, but it’s not required to get through the game. The game is made to challenge players, but the developer is aiming to create an experience that is easy to play, hard to master. Combos require a bit of thought as players won’t be able to just mash two buttons and pull off complex

Another significant focus on the game is the environments which mimic the design of stage play. The developers decided to push this to an entirely new level where players are able to traverse through the level and possibly see in the background where they’ll visit later. This feature of the game was one of the first pitched designed choices which excited many of the developers on staff. After looking at some of the concept images, the end result is shaping up nicely.

Phantom Hellcat 1

Sadly, I wasn’t able to play Phantom Hellcat, but knowing some of the concept and design choices has me excited to know more. The combat, characters, and world are each endearing in their own right, and seeing them come together makes this one show you don’t want to miss.

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