Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis Reveals October 2023 Update; Level Cap Increase & SPRIGGAN Collab

During their NGS Headline, developer SEGA revealed the latest details about the updates that are coming to the Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis game for the month of October. Among these include the upcoming collaboration event with the anime series SPRIGGAN, as well as an update that will increase the maximum level cap from 75 to 80. There’s a lot of ground to cover today, so here we go.

First up, Part 3 of the sixth Main Story Chapter will be coming on October 11. Aina, one of the main protagonists of the game, will obtain a brand-new outfit, as the story unfolds with her role as a training instructor for new ARKS recruits. Furthermore, Retem’s Exploration Sectors have been updated, with new Gigantix, Dread Enemies, as well as new Starless enemies.

Next up, several new features and improvements will be coming on October 11 as well. The class level cap will be raised to 80 and with it, comes new Class Skills. Furthermore, you can now set Different Cel Shading Settings with each individual characters, and some changes were made to Duel Quests to make them slightly easier. Lastly, the visibility of lock-on markers when they overlap with the enemy core was improved.


Moving on next, we have the main collaboration event for this month of October. New Genesis will be collaborating with the SPRIGGAN anime. A limited-time login bonus will give players life-size cutouts to place in their Creative Spaces, and you can also dress up as Yu Ominae and Jean Jacquemonde through the new AC Scratch Ticket: Spriggan Style, with contains their outfits as well as Weapon Camos inspired by the anime.

Furthermore, the developer has also announced the collaboration event planned for November 2023. New Genesis will be collaborating with Frame Arms’ Frame Arms Girl, an original plastic model series by Kotobukiya. This collaboration will feature CAST Parts, suits, accessories and many more. More details about the collaboration will be revealed in the next Headline, which is set to air on October 31st.

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On October 18, a new limited-time Halloween event will be held. This time however, the Halloween decorations extend not only to Central City, but Retem City as well. By collecting Seasonal Points, players can exchange for the 8-star Brawnaga weapon series’, as well as the Halloween ’23 Special Scratch ticket, which contains exclusive Weapon Camo and other hard-to-obtain items.

Next up, Scratch Tickets. On October 11, the new Street Beat AC Scratch Ticket will allow players to dress with street-dancer themed fashion with long-sleeved hoodies and baggy pants. Afterwards, the Monster Masquerade ’23 will take over on October 25, featuring bat-themed garments, scary nurse outfits and many more spooky outfits for you to celebrate the Halloween season. …Do you smell the pumpkin sauce in the air yet?


And last, but not least, as part of the Phantasy Star series 35th Anniversary Project, the Phantasy Star Remix event will be held from October 11 to November 21. This event will have popular musicians remix several songs from the PSO2 series, which will be shared on the official YouTube channel. Players who login during the period will receive a music disc for their mag, as well as a poster illustration.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is a new MMORPG part of the PSO2 universe but is a brand new adventure offering upgraded visuals and a new narrative, amongst other quality-of-life updates. It is considered a “huge-scale update” to Phantasy Star Online 2. Players will find new game systems created using a new graphics engine. The update was made to celebrate the series’s 2oth anniversary and the tenth anniversary of Phantasy Star Online 2. 

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis is available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC (via Steam, Epic Games Store or the Microsoft Store) and PlayStation 4 as a free-to-play game. You can watch the latest NGS Headline here:

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