Perspective-Shifting Platformer ‘Toodee and Topdee’ Coming to Switch Next Month

Developer dietziribi has announced the Switch release of platformer Toodee and Topdee. Previously released on PC, the indie title focused on alternating between two different perspectives will be available on Nintendo’s system on April 14, 2022.

Toodee and Topdee tells the story of two characters who once lived in their own worlds. However, a series of events causes a disturbance in space, making these two very different realities mingle. In order to go back to normalcy, the duo will have to find a way to use their unique skills to advance together.

The platforming game has the player controlling both characters and making it so their powers complement each other to advance through the stages. Toodee sees the world as a 2D sidescroller platformer while Topdee moves in a top-down perspective. While the former can jump, the latter can move boxes around, for instance.

When the player changes characters, this also affects the whole world around it. Enemies and other objects will act as if the new perspective was natural, affecting gravity and other physics elements which are key to solving each area’s puzzle.

Besides finding a solution to each stage, there are big bosses to defeat at the end of each world. As with some of the latter stages, players have to learn the proper timing of changing perspectives to handle those stages.

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Ivanir Ignacchitti

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