‘Persona 5: The Royal’ Announced for PS4, More Details Coming Soon

Yesterday Atlus teased us with a reveal about Persona 5R following the ‘Stars and Us’ anime broadcast. Well, after that broadcast Atlus dropped a small commercial revealing a few tidbits about the new PlayStation 4 title, Persona 5: The Royal.

In the trailer, Goro Akechi is heard asking, “What do you think of the Phantom Thieves?”

A response is heard, seemingly from a new female character:
I think helping people is a great thing, however, I don’t like the Phantom Thieves. I don’t think their methods actually help people or do I think they help the world become a better place. In the end, I think people have to solve their problems on their own.

The trailer then tells us more information will be revealed on April 24, at the Persona Super Live Concert.

You can view the new commercial below or visit the newly updated teaser website here.

Interesting tidbits to be found are, the new female character is more likely a new character than a female protagonist as her uniform depicts her as a first-year student at Yasogami High and, whilst it could just be a mistake, on the reverse of the Phantom Thieves’ classic calling card, the logo is mirrored. Could this mean anything or am I looking in too deep?

Either way, we’ll be getting more information at the Persona Super Live concert so, stay tuned!

Author’s take: Whilst I can’t speculate too much, I would like this character to be a completely different new protagonist. In the same vein as Nanashi in Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse. Though that would likely be far too much to ask for. What’s most likely going to happen is it’ll be mostly the same game with updated content. But we shall see, won’t we?


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