Persona 5 Tactica Details Sub-Personas, Stage Gimmicks, Charging, Weapon Fusion & Friendly Fire; New English Screenshots

Atlus West has shared new gameplay information for their upcoming tactical JRPG, Persona 5 Tactica. Firstly, some unique enemies were introduced, with their names and primary traits listed below:

  • Sumo-maton – Wreaks havoc in the ring of battle by tossing any unit in range–friend or foe.
  • Guarded Geisha – Ready to block any incoming head-on attack with her elegant and handy parasol.
  • Slimy Shinobi – Will sneakily create clones of itself on the battlefield to confuse you.

Several stages will have distinct elements, like surveillance cameras that will summon enemies if they spot you and elevators that provide vertical navigation when hitting select switches. Additional stage gimmicks are Dash Squares, which enable leaping across elevations and barrels that explode once dealt enough damage.

If a party member is wholly inactive during a turn, they’ll charge and be powered up for their next turn. Additionally, each party member’s charge differs, so there’s plenty of strategic variety to experiment with.

Moreover, every Phantom Thief can equip a Sub-Persona. Doing so will enhance stats and grant access to a respective Persona’s unique and inherited skills. Sub-Personas also have both manually activated SP-required skills and passive ones.

The Velvet Room will let players fuse two Personas to craft unique weapons, and they will be expectedly higher quality than what you can purchase. Lastly, on Hard mode and higher, your own attacks can damage party members, meaning you should be especially mindful of AOE skills.

You can view new official English screenshots for Persona 5 Tactica via our gallery below:

The gameplay in Persona 5 Tactica allows players to take a strategic position during battles. Characters can move around the field and take cover for added defense or take a chance to find an enemy’s weakness and receive a chance to deal extra damage. There are other ways to receive an additional hit that require you to defend and play strategically.

Each character has a variety of skills. Whenever you hit an enemy or get hit by an enemy during battle, the star-shaped Voltage gauge near the bottom right-hand side of the screen will fill up. Once the gauge is fully charged, you can execute a character-specific unique skill. Each character has their own skill tree, which can be reset at any time if you wish to create a different type of party.

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Persona 5 Tactica will launch for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam on November 17, 2023.

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