Persona 5 Royal Reveals Fans’ Top 5 Favorite Phantom Thieves

Sega of America and Atlus recently published a video revealing Persona 5 Royal fans’ top five favorite Phantom Thieves ahead of the game’s launch for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch on October 21, 2022.

The following results were shared following a fan vote:

  1. Makoto – “Queen”
  2. Futaba – “Oracle”
  3. Ryuji – “Skull”
  4. Akechi – “Crow”
  5. Protagonist – “Joker”

Makoto’s always been popular since the original game’s release, so her placement doesn’t shock me. Although, I’m surprised Ann didn’t manage to make the cut.

The video unveiling these voted placements is viewable below:

Persona 5 Royal is releasing for PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Game Pass, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Windows and Steam on October 21, 2022. There is no planned upgrade path to PlayStation 5 for PlayStation 4 users.

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This title takes place after the ending of the original Persona 4, featuring elements from Persona 4 Golden, such as the character Marie. This game is a 2D fighter developed by Arc System Works, most prominently known for Blazblue and the recently released Guilty Gear StriveRollback netcode has arrived on PlayStation 4 and PC as well.

Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden are releasing for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Game Pass, and PC via Windows and Steam (Steam is already available for Persona 4 Golden) at currently unknown dates. No physical releases for these two titles are planned, as they will be solely digital.

Nintendo Switch versions for both aforementioned games were also announced.

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