Persona 3 Remake Rumors Run Rampant, But Nothing is Confirmed

Yesterday, an out-of-nowhere Twitter clip took several gaming communities by storm. User @AVtoGAMEnoYAMI shared a video they received from an anonymous user, supposedly from an internal meeting Sega Japan had in 2021.

This clip begins with what appears to be potential footage for a Persona 3 Remake, with Yukari and her initial Persona, Io, attacking a Shadow in what looks like Tartarus. However, the brevity and low-quality footage make it difficult to conclude that. Then, unconfirmed beta Sonic Frontiers gameplay is shown for a while before the clip ends on what many claim is a Jet Set Radio revival. The top-right text throughout this video’s duration roughly translates to “Images are for products in development.”

First and foremost, it’s worth emphasizing that none of what has been displayed here has been confirmed in any way. So despite how legitimate this may seem, and I’m admittedly hopeful the Persona 3 Remake footage is real, do not assume any of this to be authentic unless official announcements are made.

Although there are other coincidences worth pointing out. Firstly a domain name titled P3RE.JP, standing for Persona 3 Remake, was discovered on March 15, 2023, and prominent news outlet Gematsu stated the following:

“While we cannot verify the footage itself, Gematsu understands that a Persona 3 remake has been in development at ATLUS for several years.”

Ultimately, I’m hoping with all of my heart that Persona 3 Remake is real since that’s my favorite entry in the series, but sometimes things can appear too good to be true. With that being the case, as difficult as it may be for some of us, me included, try to reign in your expectations before they lead to inevitable disappointment.

You can view the unprecedented clip that has been circulating regarding the supposed Persona 3 Remake, Jet Set Radio revival, and the Sonic Frontiers beta below:

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