Persona 3 Reload Reveals New Screenshots & Social Link Character Portraits; Monad & Fuuka Support Skills Detailed

Persona 3 Reload Reveals New Screenshots & Social Link Character Portraits; Monad & Fuuka Support Skills Detailed

Atlus has unveiled new screenshots for Persona 3 Reload, highlighting combat, Social Links, and Monad. The lattermost is an area that was added into FES and Portable, but it has seen some alterations here.

The features of Monad and Fuuka’s support skills are translated below via our team’s Ryuji:

Monad’s Door

A huge door called Monad’s Door sometimes appears in Tartarus. Beyond that door lies a treasure chest containing valuable items, and an unusual and powerful Shadow protects it. If you win, you will have a special Shuffle Time in which you can obtain a Major Arcana card.

Monad’s Corridor

A type of Monad Door where beyond it lies a corridor with several powerful Shadows. By defeating them, you can obtain powerful weapons, character costumes, and other items that are valuable and cannot be obtained from the normal treasure chests. If you are confident in your skills, give it a try!

[Fuka’s Support Skills]

Fuka can provide not only information support during battle but also support during your search in Tartarus. By pressing the button or key assigned to NAVI during exploration, you can select and activate one of her support skills.

Skills include:

  • Jamming, which makes the party invisible to enemies on the current floor after activation.
  • Shock Noise, which temporarily puts enemies on the floor in an agitated state.
  • Sylphid Aura, which, when activated and engaged in battle, causes all allies to begin battle with enhanced abilities

Other gameplay features include the capability to destroy objects in Tartarus, sometimes holding recovery items, sellable material, and Dusk Shards. The lattermost are keys used to unlock treasure chests holding more substantial rewards than usual. Dusk Shards can also be used at the clock at the entrance of Tartarus to restore the party’s HP and SP; seven shards are needed.

(Strangely, the official English screenshots call them Twilight Fragments, despite Atlus West calling them Twilight Fragments, so there may be a translation error somewhere.)

While exploring Tartarus, players can send party members to scout ahead if inquired, resulting in them temporarily leaving the party to find the path to the next floor. Additionally, once reunited, the scouted party members will give any items they found.

You may also find missing people trapped in Tartarus; saving them will give rewards, too. During Shuffle Time, Major Arcana cards will occasionally be selectable, granting substantial boons for the remainder of the day, such as increased All Out Attack damage or additional experience gain. An Arcana Burst will be triggered if all Major Arcana cards are chosen, ranking up and enhancing the effects of Minor Arcana cards, resulting in easier navigation for the rest of the nightly trip.

Rare Shadows have returned, with there now being larger variations holding all the treasure on the current floor, instilling them with numerous prizes if defeated. Players will be able to change their costumes whenever they desire in Tartarus, as well, and the Reaper is back with the same appearance methodology. If you linger on a floor for too long, he’ll spawn.

You can view the new Persona 3 Reload screenshots via our gallery below:

Additionally, new Social Link character portraits were revealed and are via our gallery below:

New English voice actors were confirmed, listed below:

  • President Tanaka (VA: Patrick Seitz)
  • Mutatsu (VA: Aaron Laplante)
  • Mamoru Hayase (VA: Yong Yea)
  • MMO Buddy: Maya
  • Maiko Oohashi (VA: Grace Lu)
  • Akinari Kamiki (VA: Lucien Dodge)
  • Mitsuko Kitamura (VA: Susanne Blakeslee) and Bunkichi Kitamura (VA: Andre Sogliuzzo)

You can view new official English screenshots via our gallery below:

You can view additional details via the official Persona Channel.

Persona 3 Reload is a remake that aims to capture and expand upon the original Persona 3 experience with enhanced gameplay, story, and characters. The protagonist finds himself attending Gekkoukan High School, where he quickly becomes acquainted with the Dark Hour and Tartarus. He then joins S.E.E.S, a group that seeks to end the supernatural conundrums with their Persona abilities.

Be sure to check out our extensive coverage of this upcoming release.

This entry birthed many systems seen in the modern mainline Persona entries, such as Social Links and the Calendar. The same general gameplay loop was also initially utilized here, comprised of social activities during the day and Shadow battling at nighttime. Players can fuse Personas for the protagonist, as he’s the only one capable of using multiple.

Persona 3 Reload will be the fourth version of Persona 3. There was the original PlayStation 2 release followed by FES that enhanced specific gameplay elements while adding the Answer epilogue, and then Portable on the PSP, which removed the Answer but added the female protagonist option.

Persona 3 Reload does not feature the Answer epilogue or the female protagonist and instead bolsters the identity of the original game with several quality-of-life upgrades alongside more characterization.

Persona 3 Reload will launch on February 2, 2024, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows, and Steam.

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