Persona 3 Reload Details Party Member Initial Personas & Theurgy Skills

Persona 3 Reload Details Party Member Initial Personas & Theurgy Skills

Atlus has previously shared Person 3 Reload details regarding the vast playable party, including their weapons of choice, elemental affinities, Theurgy skills, and starting Personas.

Theurgy has its own gauge and, when full, inflicts character special skills.

We have compiled this information, viewable below:


He uses a one-handed short sword. His initial Persona is Orpheus, known in Greek mythology as a poet and master of the lyre. The protagonist can use multiple Theurgy Skills, two of which are Cadenza and Best Friends. Additionally, because he has the Wild Card capability enabling the usage of multiple Personas, his elemental affinities continually alter.

Yukari Takeba

She uses a bow and arrow. Her initial Persona is Io, known in Greek mythology as a priestess serving the goddess Hera and being favored by Zeus. Yukari’s combative toolkit emphasizes Wind and healing, and her Theurgy Skill is Cyclone Arrow, which ignores an enemy’s natural affinity to deal heavy wind damage.

Junpei Iori

He uses a two-handed sword. His initial Persona is Hermes, known in Greek mythology for being Zeus’ messenger and being revered by merchants and travelers. Junpei’s combative toolkit emphasizes Fire and slashing attacks, and his Theurgy Skill is Hack n’ Blast, which deals heavy slash damage to a single enemy regardless of what their affinity is.

Akihiko Sanada

He uses his fists. His initial Persona is Polydeuces, known in Greek mythology as the immortal son of Zeus and the mortal Leda. Polydeuces’ older brother is also Castor. Akihiko’s combative toolkit emphasizes Electricity and strike attacks, and his Theurgy Skill is Lightning Sphere, which deals heavy electric damage to all foes regardless of what their affinities are.

Mitsuru Kirijo

She uses rapiers. Her initial Persona is Penthesilea, known in Greek mythology for being an Amazonian Queen who was quite beautiful and had a strong sense of honor. Mitsuru’s combative toolkit emphasizes Ice, and her Theurgy Skill is Blizzard Edge, which deals heavy ice damage to a single foe regardless of their affinity.

Fuuka Yamagishi

She does not actively participate in combat, scanning foes from afar and providing assistance during exploration. Her initial Persona is Lucia, known for being a saint and martyr who died during Christian persecution by the Roman Empire. She was supposedly able to see the miracle of the holy spirit even after being blinded by her persecutors. Fuuka’s Theurgy Skill is Oracle, which gives allies random buffs.


She uses firearms. Her initial Persona is Palladion, known in ancient Greece as a type of holy statue used to protect one’s home city. This one, in particular, was the statue of Athena that the Greeks stole from the Trojans. Aigis’ combative toolkit emphasizes support-type skills and piercing attacks, and her Theurgy Skill deals heavy pierce damage to all foes regardless of their affinities. Afterward, she enters Orgia Mode, which significantly enhances her attack and defense at the cost of acting independently without player input.

Ken Amada

He uses a spear. His initial Persona is Nemesis, known in Greek mythology for being a goddess embodying divine retribution for the sin of hubris. She also had the role of calming gods who became enraged. Ken’s combative toolkit emphasizes the Light element, and his Theurgy Skill is Divine Retribution, which deals heavy light damage to a singular foe.


He uses a dagger held in his mouth. His initial Persona is Cerberus, known in Greek mythology for being the three-headed guard dog of Tatartarus and serving Hades. Koromaru’s combative toolkit emphasizes the Dark element, and his Theurgy Skill is Hound of Hades, which deals heavy dark damage to a singular foe regardless of their affinity.

Shinjiro Aragaki

He uses axes and hammers. His initial Persona is Castor, known in Greek mythology for being a non-immortal hero skilled on horseback and being the older brother of Polydeuces while having a different father. Shinjiro’s combative toolkit emphasizes physical attacks of all types, and his Theurgy Skills is Bleeding Fury, which deals heavy strike damage to a singular foe regardless of their affinity.

Persona 3 Reload 18

Persona 3 Reload is a remake that aims to capture and expand upon the original Persona 3 experience with enhanced gameplay, story, and characters. The protagonist finds himself attending Gekkoukan High School, where he quickly becomes acquainted with the Dark Hour and Tartarus. He then joins S.E.E.S, a group that seeks to end the supernatural conundrums with their Persona abilities.

Be sure to check out our extensive coverage of this upcoming release.

This entry birthed many systems seen in the modern mainline Persona entries, such as Social Links and the Calendar. The same general gameplay loop was also initially utilized here, comprised of social activities during the day and Shadow battling at nighttime. Players can fuse Personas for the protagonist, as he’s the only one capable of using multiple.

Persona 3 Reload will be the fourth version of Persona 3. There was the original PlayStation 2 release followed by FES that enhanced specific gameplay elements while adding the Answer epilogue, and then Portable on the PSP, which removed the Answer but added the female protagonist option.

Persona 3 Reload does not feature the Answer epilogue or the female protagonist and instead bolsters the identity of the original game with several quality-of-life upgrades alongside more characterization.

Persona 3 Reload will launch on February 2, 2024, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows, and Steam.

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