Penny Blood Reveals Creidina, The Radiant Knight & Asylum Area; New Side Story “Malice and Madness” Available

The official website for the recently kickstarted gothic horror JRPG, Penny Blood, also known as the spiritual successor to Shadow Hearts, has been updated with a brand new fusion monster for the game, Creidina, The Radiant Knight. This new character’s profile and correlative images are viewable below:

Matthew’s light-elemental fusion monster. It represents the compassion and arrogance that lurks deep within his heart.

Shrouded in a beautiful curtain of light, Creidina floats in mid-air and commands the sentient sword of light known as Chloive Solais.

Chloive Solais rampages as it pleases, immolating all it skewers with radiant fire before banishing them to the flames of purgatory.

All the dead who are blinded by Creidina’s radiant light cower and cry out, pleading for darkness.

Additionally, a new area called the Golgotha Asylum Underpass was revealed, viewable below:

At the behest of Director Burns from the BOI, Matthew rushes over to Golgotha Asylum. The asylum building itself is an old monastery built out of stone, with an underpass that was built decades ago…

Within it lies a rundown underground facility that was once used to secretly execute communists and political prisoners that had been admitted into the hospital and dump them outside.

Deep within this stage of bloodstained evil lurks the Motofuji core, which Matthew sets out to destroy all on his own.

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Lastly, the fourth side story is now readable in English, titled “Malice and Madness.” 

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