Penny Blood Development Update Reveals New Art Depicting Monster Ainsel & Schwarzes Rosen Castle

Penny Blood Development Update Reveals New Art Depicting Monster Ainsel & Schwarzes Rosen Castle

The development team behind the upcoming Shadow Hearts spiritual successor, Penny Blood, posted a new Kickstarter update detailing the ongoing progress of the project.

Firstly, publisher negotiation is still ongoing, with teams “interested in seeing how the Penny Blood IP (Hellbound) is received.” For those unaware, Hellbound is the recently announced companion roguelike adventure game set in the Penny Blood universe. This means that, in all likelihood, the reception and quality of Hellbound will heavily influence publisher relations moving forward.

The following intriguing passage was also shared:

“Still, we’ve reached the limit of the budget that would allow us to maintain our current production cycle, so in order to keep from giving up on Penny Blood, Studio Wild Rose is thinking about trying some other things. Some of you may be thinking “What, you’re still hiding some aces up your sleeve?!” But I intend to use the time at the end of this year to carefully plot some strategies.”

In other news, artwork of a monster called Ainsel was revealed, with Machida saying the following:

“A cute little girl and her monstrous mother who hides behind her in the shadows. This monster appears in multiple folktales around Europe, so I had him arrange a Penny Blood version of it. Also, while he was in the middle of drawing this, he also posted art of Gepetto & Cornelia from Shadow Hearts II, which confirms that Hanya-san’s either a full-fledged lolicon or moncon. (What the heck is a moncon?)”

Another new illustration depicts the castle of Schwarzes Rosen, described below:

“It’s a castle somewhere in Germany that’s partly gone to ruin. Creepy yet beautiful, Matthew and his companions visit this castle after receiving intel that an equally beautiful songstress vampire has recently begun to inhabit it.”

You can view the new Penny Blood illustrations via our gallery below:

You can view the Kickstarter update for additional details. Penny Blood: Hellbound will be the priority in Kickstarter updates moving forward until new developments with Penny Blood are noted.

In Penny Blood, Matthew will explore several corners of the world, such as America, Japan, China, and Europe, and encounter countless individuals reacting to the new plight differently. However, “Penny Blood tells the tale of a man who must become that which he seeks to vanquish.”

The world map has a bird’s-eye-view, acting as a conduit for players to reach detailed areas housing merchants and countless odd happenings. Combat utilizes the Psycho Sigil battle system, where players must react at the right time during attacks to maximize damage output. Additionally, the Fusion system allows party members to transform and use more destructive skills.

Sanity Points are lost when interacting with demons too frequently, ultimately causing allies to succumb to madness. Their common sense deteriorates with the benefit of drastically increased strength, which might just turn the tide of battle.

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