Penny Blood Introduces Jazz Singer Dhampir, Roxane Archambeau; Apricot Club in Harlem Revealed

The official website for the recently kickstarted gothic horror JRPG, Penny Blood, also known as the spiritual successor to Shadow Hearts, has been updated with a brand new character for the game, Roxane Archambeau.

Roxane has received the following profile description:

“Born in Paris in 1893. Now 30, Roxane spends her days singing jazz and enchanting patrons in the underground speakeasies of New York. Roxane is also a dhampir, meaning she is half-human and half-vampire.

Normally, she appears to be nothing more than a songstress who uses her beautiful looks and voice to keep the customers coming back day after day… But when the evening deepens, she spends her time protecting the people of her city from villains and monsters.

In order to recover from the loneliness she suffered in France, Roxane spends a great deal of her time with Gus, her banjo player and the closest thing she has to a family member. She’s also often seen with Hoover, an agent from the BOI who always pushes troublesome tasks onto her.

A decade ago, Roxane first came to New York on the Titanic. Along the way, the ship crashed into an iceberg and sank, making Roxane one of the survivors.”

Images of Roxane are viewable below:

Additionally, a new area has been introduced, the Apricot Club in Harlem, New York. Owen Madden runs the establishment and patrons are able to enjoy as many alcoholic beverages as they desire despite the Prohibition laws being in place. Owen manages to support the game’s protagonist, Matthew, despite their drastically differing positions in life.

UD apricotclub 1

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