Penny Blood Reveals Halloween Art, Development Images & Announces Composition Broadcast

Penny Blood Reveals Halloween Art, Development Images & Announces Composition Broadcast

The development team behind the upcoming Shadow Hearts spiritual successor, Penny Blood, posted a new Kickstarter update detailing the ongoing progress of the project.

Firstly, negotiations with publishers are still being worked on. However, it’s noted that society moving past lockdown from the pandemic has shifted the industry toward travel once more, so the “temporary boost” that gaming had when the Double Kickstarter with Armed Fantasia occurred has run its course. Therefore, the team is working on increasing the value and charm of Penny Blood to make it more appealing.

New illustrations have also been shared. One depicts Ronan, the Mad Tempest Knight, described as “a half-beast knight who can control the wind.” Ronan is believed to “be more of a support-type fusion monster who sings Bardic music in order to buff party members.”

Additionally, the indoor racetrack was illustrated. Lead designer Matsuzo Machida described it as the following:

“I believe that America was the main place where greyhound races were held in 1923, and we’re going to make sure the gambling den run by the gangster Owney Madden in Penny Blood will be ablaze with excitement. Luca will take part in the races in order to train himself, too. Oh, and there won’t just be dogs running in these races… I imagine it’s going to end up being quite a wild place where you’ll get to see a lot of unusual races.”

You can view the new Penny Blood illustrations via our gallery below:

Lastly, composer Yoshitaka Hirota announced they will stream “Composition Work for Penny Blood vol.3” on October 29, 2023, at 2 AM ET, where they’ll work on the music they “want to use for the Japan arc of the story, mainly focused around bass recording.”

You can set a reminder for this upcoming broadcast below:

You can view the Kickstarter update for additional details.

In Penny Blood, Matthew will explore several corners of the world, such as America, Japan, China, and Europe, and encounter countless individuals reacting to the new plight differently. However, “Penny Blood tells the tale of a man who must become that which he seeks to vanquish.”

The world map has a bird’s-eye-view, acting as a conduit for players to reach detailed areas housing merchants and countless odd happenings. Combat utilizes the Psycho Sigil battle system, where players must react at the right time during attacks to maximize damage output. Additionally, the Fusion system allows party members to transform and use more destructive skills.

Sanity Points are lost when interacting with demons too frequently, ultimately causing allies to succumb to madness. Their common sense deteriorates with the benefit of drastically increased strength, which might just turn the tide of battle.

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