Pathologic 2 Will Feature Permadeath That Cannot be Undone, Coming to PC in May

Pathologic 2 Will Feature Permadeath That Cannot be Undone, Coming to PC in May

Tiny Build revealed their new narrative-driven thriller Pathologic 2, coming to PC-via Steam on May 23 and later on Xbox One.

Pathologic 2 tells the story of survival against a deadly plague. The game will tell its story through unconventional means by not holding the player’s hand, which makes the game unpredictable and not what players will expect.

The announcement trailer gives a preview of what the studio is aiming for in terms of tone as the game shows characters and a world that gives off an uneasy feeling to the viewer. Full of disturbing imagery and not so friendly world, Pathologic 2 is looking like it’s going to be a creepy and dark adventure.

The game is told over 12 days, which is not enough to save everyone from the deadly plague that is approaching. The game features survival and RPG elements with a choice system that will decide the fate of some characters and the player. In the game, dead takes a permanent toll on the character and the town, each dead will come with consequences the can’t be undone, even by loading previous saves.

Pathologic 2 is a retelling of the reimagining of the original title released in 2005. However, the story holds up on its own and players don’t have to play the original to enjoy this title.

Gearbox will be releasing the game physically on Xbox One with a release later in 2019.

You can watch the new trailer below:

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