Panzer Paladin Preview – 8-bit Side Scrolling Goodness

Retro action games have been revived by indie developers as they take the games some of us grew up with and put their own spin on them. Using modern game design tools and improved systems, players are able to jump in and experience new adventures within this retro space. During PAX East 2020, I was able to have hands-on experience with Tribute Games’ upcoming release Panzer Paladin, an 8-bit side scroller taking influence from games like Mega Man and Zelda 2.

Demonic invaders have taken over, and it’s up to you as the squire to jump in your mech armored “Paladin” and contain the fiendish occult forces. The game offers two different ways to play; one as the speedy squire and the other as the slower but mighty Paladin. You can switch between these two modes at any time, but some areas encourage you to get in and out of your mech to advance.


One of the coolest features is the various kinds of weapons that you pick up throughout your journey. Weapons can be used for melee, as a projectile or can be used to cast spells to deal massive damage. You are meant to use and abuse these weapons, and with 100 different weapon pickups throughout the game, it would seem you have a lot of options.

One of the weapons I picked up on my demo play was a hockey stick, so I’m curious to see what other quirky weapons Panzer Paladin has in store. The demo did a great job of introducing me to the mechanics while still giving a bit of that classic retro challenge. I had a devilishly good time with this demo, and I’m looking forward to its release later this summer for Nintendo Switch and PC.

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