Panzer Paladin is Taking Retro 2D Action to the Next Level

Panzer Paladin is Taking Retro 2D Action to the Next Level

During PAX East 2020, we were able to take a look at Panzer Paladin from developer and publisher Tribute Games.

In a conversation with level designer Frédéric Gémus, we were able to learn more about the game’s features, but more specifically, the weapons. The team is aiming to create a retro 2D action experience for players while incorporating intuitive swordplay.

During gameplay, players will have access to over 100 different weapons, but not all at once. Weapons in the game have multiple actions. Players can execute regular attacks, throw the weapons to break them on an enemy, or even use a magical ability. The developer also mentioned that the game is easy to pick up, but can get challenging in the later levels.

Currently, there are over 100 weapons that players can equip. These weapons are found in levels or picked up from enemies. However, the best weapons are found after defeating bosses. Weapons are made to be more like consumables within the game as players cycle through them throughout the level.

Panzer Paladin is in developed and gearing up for a spring 2020 release. Consoles have not been revealed at this time.

You can watch our interview with Tribute Games below to learn more about Panzer Paladin:

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