Panzer Paladin Gets New Gameplay Trailer Showing Action and Weapon Customize

Tribute Games launched a new trailer for the 2D action-platformer, Panzer Paladin, coming to Nintendo Switch and PC-via Steam summer 2020.

The trailer highlights the game several features where players will be able to pick a variety of weapons to use against enemies as the control their mech, Grit. Also, players will be able to leave the confines of Grit and traverse levels on foot for added agility in certain areas. Players can also create their own weapon designs using the game’s customization mode where they can pick the colors of a weapon pixel by pixel.

Panzer Paladin is an 8-bit action-platformer where players assume the role of Flame, who pilots a Paladin power armor named Grit. Across the game’s 17 levels, players will face a number of enemies and bosses that stand in their way of saving the world from an invasion of demons. Players will be able to equip over 100 melee weapons that they can seize from enemies to use against them. Additionally, they’ll be able to throw, shatter them, or use them for a spell.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the release date for Panzer Paladin. In case you missed it, check out our interview with the developer and preview of the game from PAX East.

For now, you can watch the new gameplay trailer for Panzer Paladin below:

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