“Very Positive” Lewd Steam Title ‘Panty Party’ Announced For Switch With English Language Support

Developer Animu announced that their adventure panty game Panty Party will release on the Nintendo Switch eShop in Japan in Spring 2019.

Panty Party is a sigh game where you play a pair of female panties and shoot your way through town as you battle against other pairs of panties. The game also features story segments where characters will interact between battles and then turn into the panties that you’ll control in the game.

The developer states the story is complete nonsense and features interaction with panties and the Warrior or Love. Throughout the course of the game, players will learn the sentimental thoughts of panties as they battle their way through multiple battlegrounds in the city and become the strongest pair panties.

Also, it good to mention the this is not a hentai game and was created purely out of fun. What’s interesting is how positive of a reception the game’s Steam release has gotten from players, holding a “very positive” review standing since its release in 2017.

Although the game is announced only for the Japanese Nintendo eShop, western players can still enjoy it since it will launch with Japanese, English, French, German, and unannounced language support.

You can check out the announcement trailer for the game below:

Author’s take: So this is where we’ve gotten after all these years? Count me in.

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