Indonesian Horror Adventure ‘Pamali: The White Lady’ Gets Released on Steam Later This Week

Playism and StoryTale Studios announced that their upcoming horror adventure game Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror – The White Lady will release on PC-via Steam on December 28.

Pamali: Indonesian Folklore Horror doesn’t use a blown out tragedy to be effective in the genre. Instead, the game stays close to everyday life and activities to reveal truths about Indonesian myths and folklore. During the game, players will make choices that will shape their experience and the overall narrative.

StoryTale Studios’ Mira Wardhaningsih explains: “We noticed that different people perceive horror in different ways. For example, zombies are very frightening for some people, but for others, it’s just a walking body.” She then added, “Pamali was created to provide a glimpse into how horror is perceived in Indonesia. We want to introduce Indonesian horror, which is shaped by the culture of the people themselves, from their traditional taboos and folklore. As we believe traditional Indonesian horror shouldn’t be Westernized, Pamali strives to provide players with the authentic Indonesian horror experience.”

In The White Lady, players must venture through an abandoned Indonesian resident as Jaka, who has recently returned home in an attempt to sell the property. The game relies on atmospheric sound design combined with a unique setting to allow players to explore its multiple endings and horror elements.

You can watch the trailer below, which shows a bit of gameplay:

Author’s take: As a fan of indie horror games. I’m excited to see what this studio has put together. Not know much about Indonesian horror truly has the edge over me as a player because I don’t know what to expect.

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