Simulation MMO ‘Palia’ Coming to Epic Games Store Next Week

Singularity 6 has just announced that in their recent partnership with Epic Games, their cozy simulation MMO Palia will release on the Epic Games Store next week, on October 24th. Since its release in August, the developers have added a plethora of content for players to explore, from new Temples, highly-requested romanceable villagers, spooky seasonal events, an obstacle course, new recipes and more.

According to Singularity 6 Co-founder and CEO Anthony Leung, “Palia is a perfect fit on the Epic Games Store, and offers the Epic Games community, and existing Palia players, an opportunity to make even more meaningful in-game connections via community-driven gameplay and life-sim mechanics that create a sense of belonging among players.”

palia key art

Palia takes place on a “cozy” fantasy world with evolving systems that serve to make immersion a clear top priority, with one such facet being intricate customization. The Neighborhood system embraces this prospect as well, as it allows players to create their own communities. Above all else, Singularity 6 desires Palia to be as welcoming as possible and seeks collaboration amongst gamers to be at the forefront of this collective experience. The developer’s social matchmaking system will ensure that players and community members will be together.

Character creation is another selling point with multiple skin tone options, facial features, hairstyles, and more. Different outfits can be saved as well, with customization of colors and free alteration of accessories being possible. Furthermore, in the title’s lore, humanity is perceived as a legendary race that suddenly vanished with no explanation thousands of years ago. Humans were also known for their proficiency in magic. The player characters are humans who awake on Palia’s southern coast and go on the impressive trek of building a new future for the race. Palia is currently available for PC through the developer’s website, and will be coming to Nintendo Switch this holiday. The game is available for wishlist on the Epic Games Store.

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