P.T. Fan Remake ‘Unreal PT’ Gives Us a Surprisingly Close Alternative to the Original

A Reddit user finished a fan remake of the famously unavailable horror title, P.T. The game is downloadable from itch.io starting today.

Posting in multiple subreddits, User Buzzooo2 shared his completed project expressing his 10-month development is finally done, recreating the game from scratch in the Unreal engine.

From his development logs, Buzzooo, who goes by Radius Gordello, stated that the project started in April of 2018 as a challenge to recreate the infamous hallways from the game and continued the development to hone his skill and add to his portfolio. From there on, the project continued by attempting to recreate the game piece by piece.

What players are introduced to now, is a playable clone of Hideo Kojima’s P.T. complete with Gordello’s faithful attempt to reproduce the models, textures, lighting, effects, and sound. His itch.io page also lists compatibility with console controllers as well as VR, though it seems there are currently some issues to having a completely smooth experience.

P.T. was a demo stealthily released new IP before player realized that it was actually a playable teaser for an upcoming game from Hideo Kojima’s Silent Hills, a brand new triple-A game for the franchise. Though after the fallout between Kojima and Konami, the demo was removed from the PS4’s online store with no options to re-download, leaving players already downloaded copies of the game the only way to play the title.

Radius Gordello’s demo is the closest thing players have to play the original.

Check out the images uploaded to itch.io page below, as well as a link to his remake here.

Author’s Take: I am a big fan of P.T. and Hideo Kojima. So naturally, it makes me happy to see fans with the talent to share that passion enough to have us fellow gamers experience this game again.

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