FPS Tower Defense Game ‘Outpost: Infinity Siege’ Delayed to 2024; New Trailer Highlights Promising Gameplay

Lightning Games announced they will publish the Team Ranger-developed FPS tower defense game Outpost: Infinity Siege, in development for PC via Steam, to release in February 2024. This was delayed from its original 2023 release timing.

The reason for the delay is “unresolved issues related to game performance optimization, and some of the storylines are still under development.” We will continue to follow the development to keep you updated on a solid release date.

The developer did share that up to two playtests will take place before release so players can get some early hands-on time.

The developer is made up of a small team who have released one game prior, Project Morpheus: Prologue. This adventure game hasn’t received a significant update since its release in 2021, but it’s good to see the small team still working on games.

Outpost: Infinity Siege has players take on the role of the commander of the human army and fight against enemy AI who have turned on their human creators. Players will begin with a small outpost, but over time, they can collect materials and build a working station complete with high-powered weaponry and defenses.

However, the bigger the station gets, the more powerful enemies will be called to take you out. This introduces some strategies to not build too quickly and overwhelm your approach to defeating these tough foes.

We’ll keep you updated on the development and release of Outpost: Infinity Siege.

You can watch the new trailer below showcasing some of the tower defense game elements and how they can be used to take down enemies:

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