Space Exploration Game ‘Out There: Ω The Alliance’ Has Arrived on Nintendo Switch

Humans of planet Earth, there’s a new opportunity for you to explore the outer reaches of space. Intrigued, yes? Well, that opportunity is Mi-Clos Studio and Raw Fury’s award-winning space exploration game Out There: Ω The Alliance that’s out now on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

In Out There: Ω The Alliance, players take on the role of an astronaut sent to Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter, in order to find resources that can rescue the exhausted Earth of the 22nd century. To do this, you must try to survive all by yourself (Siri, play Céline Dion – All By Myself) in a distant and unknown part of the galaxy. Thankfully, you can upgrade your spaceship and manage your resources, but the problem is that space is a hostile place with intelligent aliens and ancient powers linked to the fate of mankind itself. So needless to say, finishing your journey isn’t going to be a breeze — it’s going to be a dark and challenging strategic adventure.

What will make matters even more difficult (and more fun) is that every game plays out differently within Out There: Ω The Alliance‘s procedurally-generated galaxy. While this, of course, mixes things up a bit, there’s still an epic main storyline to enjoy that has five different endings.

Survival isn’t exactly of the fittest in Out There: Ω The Alliance — it’s more like survival of the smartest. This is because there’s no combat at all, it’s simply just a matter of going up against the harsh environment around you. To successfully survive, you’ll need to craft, and craft a lot with the game’s deep crafting system, and find time to discover unique ships — which there are 13 spaceships in total.

Some may recall there being the mobile game, Out There, released some moons ago. Out There: Ω The Alliance is a completely upgraded version of that game as it includes brand new content. This content includes three new spaceships (one of them seems to be inspired by a famous space bounty hunter), more than 30 new interactive stories, new 3D planet environments, alien escort missions, new Cocoon tech, and an additional ending to discover.

From looking at screenshots or trailers, it’s clear that Out There: Ω The Alliance looks pretty, dare we say, far out. It’s pulp comics graphics and art style are truly a sight for sore eyes, to say the least.

Take a good look at Out There: Ω The Alliance by checking out the trailer below:

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