Otome Visual Novel ‘Olympia Soirée’ Gets September Release Date

Aksys Games has announced the release date for Olympia Soirée, the first of their three upcoming otome games already announced for 2021. It’ll be released for Nintendo Switch on September 9. The physical edition will also include character card sets on their first run copies.

Olympia Soirée tells the story of a young girl whose whole clan was wiped out. Now as the world faces a dire situation that shrouds it in darkness, only her can perform the ritual to save everyone. However, in order to preserve her lineage, she’ll have to pick a partner.

Tengu Island is a rigid hierarchical society divided in districts, with three Primary clans (Red, Blue, and Yellow). Though she’ll meet boys from these three families, she’ll also have the chance to meet other love interests from different clans as well as see the situation of the marginalized ‘colorless’ people.

The bachelors include red Akaza (CV: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka), yellow Kuroba (CV: Tomokazu Sugita), blue Riku (CV: Nobunaga Shimazaki), green Tokisada (CV: Yuto Uemura), purple Yosuga (CV: Yuma Uchida) and the mysterious Himuka (CV: Shun Horie). It’s interesting to note the team behind the development includes director Wataru Watanabe, illustrator Satoi and writer Yuma Katagiri, who also worked on Nil Admirari no Tenbin.

If you missed it, check out Olympia Soirée‘s western opening video which shows the art of the main characters. Also, Aksys will have a livestream this August. We’ll keep you updated on future otome announcements.

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