Otome Game ‘Norn9: Var Commons’ Coming West March 2023

Otome Game ‘Norn9: Var Commons’ Coming West March 2023

During the All Aksys livestream, publisher Aksys Games has announced that Norn9: Var Commons will be coming to Nintendo Switch March 2023. Pre-orders are now available through the publisher’s online store.

Norn9: Var Commons tells a futuristic story revolving around multiple protagonists and their boyfriends. It all starts when a child prodigy seems to go back in time and find a group of young men and women. Together, they’ll have the chance to investigate the mysteries of a spherical ship called Norn that seems to linger in the sky above the towns of the past.

The game includes some music by the composer Nobuo Uematsu of Final Fantasy fame, character designs by Teita (Charade Maniacs, Soukai Tenki), and a 60-hour story co-written by Ushio Ayane (Even if Tempest, Juuzaengi) and Meguri Hinako (Diabolik Lovers and some chapters in the Corpse Party games). Altogether there are 24 possible endings.


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