Crossdressing Romcom VN ‘Otome * Domain’ Coming West This December

Publisher Shiravune has announced the English release of Otome * Domain. The romantic comedy visual novel with a crossdressing protagonist will be available on Steam and Johren on December 22, 2022. As usual, the Steam version will be All-Ages while Johren’s is already open for pre-order at $19.99 and will include the naughtier adults-only bits.

Otome * Domain tells the story of a young man called Minato Asuka (VA: Sara Ayumi). After his grandfather passed away, he’s all alone in this world so Kazari Saioni offers him a place to live… an all-girls school dormitory. By dolling him up and dressing him in a cute skirt, he makes a surprisingly good-looking girl, which should allow him to live and study there easily. This hurts his pride as a man a good bit, though.

However, as he starts living there, he notices the girls are all weirdos in one way or another. First of them is his savior, Kazari Saionji, the wealthy scion of the Saionji business who was raised by Minato’s grandmother and decides to assume all responsibilities for Minato out of a feeling of duty. She tries to act refined but fails due to her clumsiness and surprising social awkwardness. She’s voiced by Anzuhana (Kawamura Reo from the Sono Hanabira series and Noah from Sorcery Jokers).

Another main heroine is Yuzu Kifune. She’s the head of the newspaper club and a classmate and doormate to Minato and Kazari. She’s charming, friendly and a little too accomodating to the point everyone thinks she’s too good at everything. However, she’s terminally terrible at domestic chores. Her room is a mess and her cooking is the kind that could probably kill a friend or two despite how confident she may act about it. Her voice actress is Akane Ueda, who was Dohna Dohna‘s Medico and Princess Evangile‘s Nogi Tamie.

Finally, the third main heroine is Hinata Ogaki, a kouhai who works at the library commitee. She’s a nouveau riche but instead of being a smug girl who would flash her money around, she’s a weird edgelord nerd who calls herself “Zarathustra, General of the East” and insists she’s a Demon General though her backstory often changes. She’s voiced by Airi Himekawa, who’s Mikoto in Da Capo III and Cook in Eiyu*Senki – The World Conquest.

Check out some screenshots of the game:

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