Otomate Releases New Service Where You Can Play Otome Games on Your Browser

Otomate Releases New Service Where You Can Play Otome Games on Your Browser

Well, I certainly didn’t anticipate this. In collaboration with NTT Plala Inc., the developers of the Hikari TV video distribution service, Idea Factory just announced that they will be releasing Otomate Collection, a monthly subscription service that “allows users to enjoy games and anime content that Otomate has to offer”.

This is an Otomate-specific service available only in Japan that allows users to play Otomate games, as well as enjoy animations, musicals, and stage adaptations with a subscription fee of only 858 yen per month (Give or take about 7 USD).

Currently, the service has both Hakouki titles, AMNESIA, and Hiiro no Kakera. Amusingly, they are all “Lite” versions that allow you to play those games directly from your browser. Whether these lite versions will offer the same amount of content as their “full” versions, however, is currently unknown. Furthermore, both entries of the Nil Admirari no Tenbin series of games are set to release on the service this July. Among the musicals and animations, the Hakouki musicals and the anime adaptations of the aforementioned games are also currently available on the service.

I mean, I guess this is one way to “buy before you try”. Unfortunately, there are no options to subscribe to the service via PayPal; only through the Japanese carriers (docomo, au, Softbank)’s exclusive paying options. There is a credit card option, but knowing how these services usually hum along, you’ll most likely get a “card invalid” error if past experiences say anything.

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The next Otomate title to hit the west will be Birushana.

Birushana tells the story of young girl called Shanao, who’s the heir to the Genji family. However, as a representative of the clan, she hides the fact she’s a woman. In the midst of turbulent times, she’s forced to lead her people, which had its legitimate place usurped by the Heike clan.

However, as she hopes to one day have a peaceful life, she’s hesitant. Depending on her choices, she’ll pick one man to stand by her side while she tries to find the best possible future. Besides the affection gauge with the love interests, player choices will impact her personal abilities of Strength, Knowledge and Kindness. These choices will be important to unlock the game’s true ending and it’s possible to replay chapters to manipulate the parameters.

Birushana Key Art


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