Crossdressing Pretty Boys Games Physical Collection ‘Otoko Cross: Naked Remix’ Now Available for Pre-Orders; Includes the Nude Content in a Switch Cartridge

Eastasiasoft and Funbox Media have opened the pre-orders for Otoko Cross: Naked Remix, a physical collection with Otoko Cross: Pretty Boys Klondike Solitaire and Otoko Cross: Pretty Boys Mahjong Solitaire. As a PEGI-only release, the game costs £34.99 on Funbox Media and shipping is expected by June 30, 2023.

Otoko Cross is a casual puzzle series about undressing cute boys wearing feminine attires. This crossdressing fun takes homage to the Japanese otokonoko culture, allowing players to change their costumes, gradually revealing more of their personal tastes. Besides spicy clothes, all characters are voiced by Japanese actors to add an extra flair to the experience similar to ZOO Corporation’s Pretty Girls series.

The name of each title is self-explanatory with one having Klondike as gameplay and the other Mahjong. As players score and make combos, they can expose the characters. It’s possible to play for global online leaderscores or pick a more casual experience with Easy mode.

While both games were released on consoles (Switch, PS4 and PS5) digitally, an adult patch allowing for extra undressing was made available only on PC. With this physical edition, however, it’s possible to enjoy the experience of having the characters on their birthday suits. It also comes with a capacitive stylus.

Check out the trailers for both games:

With Otoko Cross: Pretty Boys Breakup! recently released on PC and Otoko Cross: Pretty Boys Dropout! coming on May 25, Eastasiasoft seems confident in expanding this intellectual property and offering fanservice for people of all kinds. For those more inclined to enjoy the Pretty Girls series, keep in mind Funbox offer similar Switch physical packages with nude content enabled.

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