Tactical RPG ‘Othercide’ Takes More Inspiration From Nier Than Sin City

During PAX East 2020, Focus Home Interactive had Othercide playable on the floor, and we had the chance to check out the upcoming gloom and doom turn-based rogue-lite from LightBlub Crew.

Othercide mixes some genres to fit its story of an all-powerful Mother sinking the rest of her power to her Daughters, reborn manifestation of her essence and soul to defend against the creatures of Suffering.

This is done by continuing to birth new Daughters into a small army, each with their own class and abilities to be used during the tactical battle portions of the game. Experience from those battles can improve each Daughter’s skills, abilities, and buffs to make for a more powerful team. When Daughters take on too much damage during battles, players can then choose to sacrifice them to heal the others.

In the overworld view, Daughters can only battle a few times a day and must rest to be able to attack again, creating that much more anticipation to gain more power and attack an upcoming boss in a set amount of days.

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Battle portions may have the look of a simplified turn-based game, but things work differently in Othercide. Instead of each character taking a turn, who goes next is determined by a “timeline” that takes a lot of different situations into factor. Characters with speedier stats or abilities have the opportunity to attack first, useful to situations where a team is hanging on by the skin of their teeth, and the first strike makes for one less enemy to worry about. Other conditions involving killing a creature who was going to attack next on the timeline, result in the player having another turn. Meanwhile, some abilities can also “slam” enemies out of their next turn by pushing them back further down the timeline, giving teammates a chance to go next instead.

Finally, the art style has a look that, at first glance, people will liken to movies like Sin City, but developer Lightbulb Crew actually takes their inspirations more from titles like Nier Automata. The black and white palette with a color picked red isn’t a first in games, but the uber gothic paired with elongated monster designs could turn some heads.

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During our time with the game, Othercide has proven to be a promising title for 2020. The gameplay and mechanics weren’t an issue and had a polished feel. Though, we’ll keep an eye as the game progresses.

Othercide doesn’t have a set release date outside of its Summer 2020 window and will be coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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