Oshi No Ko Vol. 2 Review – Kanpeki de Usotsuki Na Kimi Wa

    Title: Oshi No Ko Vol. 2
    Author: Aka Akasaka
    Release Date: May 23, 2023
    Publisher: Yen Press

The idol industry is a mysterious one, but I think the premise of Oshi No Ko takes the cake on strange. Not only is there some isekai madness going on, but we also get a murder mystery. As for the twins, Aqua and Ruby, well, their ulterior motives definitely go off the rails during these chapters. While Ruby works toward her dreams of being an idol, Aqua inches closer to narrowing down the truth about who killed their mother, Ai.

Oshi No Ko Vol. 2 1

Oshi No Ko Vol. 2 opens up with a bit of a recap, but we also get a clear look at who Ruby actually is. Yes, the isekai foundation is still present, but Ruby and Aqua stand out as individual characters regardless of their past life. This is likely due to how grounded the narrative beats are. Yes, this entire situation has some fantasy elements, but it all occurs in reality as they chase their goals.

Aqua is busy being the puppet master of his sister’s career. While nothing will stop her from becoming an idol, he still does his best to slow her down. It’s touched on, but I think he goes a little too far when trying to sabotage her plans, even though she finds a way into the industry. It makes his attempts seem like a waste of time, but he presents them under the guise of his overarching plan. I don’t really follow for the most part, but I think he knows that they may have to approach this industry by being an actor and her being an idol if he wishes to stop anything.

Oshi No Ko Vol. 2 2

I really enjoyed how this volume puts the industry under a microscope. This is a cut-throat industry; good actors and actresses are dropped for the smallest reasons. Aqua seems to refuse to play this game, but that doesn’t stop him from shaking things up a bit. He ends up helping his sister after they begin the school year since he enjoys pulling all the strings. I’m unsure if I agree entirely with his approach, but I think he means well.

Ruby is definitely a try-hard here, but she also sits in the background, as everyone’s actions seem to affect her character growth more than she does. It comes off as if she’s powerless to control her fate, given how so many external forces are pulling her in various directions. I’d like to see what she can do on her own and how she can overcome trials without the plotting of those around her.

Oshi No Ko Vol. 2 3

Oshi No Ko Vol. 2 gives readers a better insight into the character’s goals and a look at the entertainment industry’s dark side. It’s sometimes difficult to follow if you’re trying to speed through. Still, if you pay attention to each panel, you can see fantastic facial illustrations emphasizing underlining plot points and foreshadowing later encounters. Suffice it to say, this series has me on the edge of my seat, drip-feeding me information as the two leads chase their very different goals.


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