Original ‘Taimanin Asagi’ Visual Novel Coming West Next Month

Publisher Shiravune has announced that Taimanin Asagi will be available in English on October 27, 2023. The visual novel developed by Lilith and released in Japan in 2005 gave birth to a franchise of busty ninjas with games such as Action Taimanin and Taimanin Asagi: Battle Arena. It’ll be possible to get this PC game on Steam or the adult edition (with mosaics) through Johren.

Taimanin Asagi tells the story of a female ninja called Asagi Igawa (voice: Hina Nakase). For those who know about the underground culture of ninjas, she’s regarded as a legend whose skills with a sword, martial arts, and speed are brilliant. She has also accomplished many feats fighting demons for the government to protect the land from the threat of corruption.

After defeating her nemesis, Oboro, she finally decides to leave this life behind and marry Sawaki Kyousuke. However, things aren’t so simple as the monsters are waiting for a new fight. Their desire for revenge will eventually lead her to an outrageous situation. As a game with steamy content, you can probably imagine the sorts of things that will happen to the voluptuous ninja.

Another important character is Sakura Igawa (voice: Nana Aikawa), who’s her younger sister and a competitive ninja who yearns to show her value just like Asagi. She’ll also be caught in this revenge plot made by the nefarious entities who are after Asagi.

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Ivanir Ignacchitti

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