Original Dungeon Travelers Game Comes to Steam in February; Sequels Still Banned

Original Dungeon Travelers Game Comes to Steam in February; Sequels Still Banned

Shiravune has announced that the original Dungeon Travelers game is coming to PC via Steam and Johren on February 14, 2024.. Unlike the two sequels which were unfairly banned by Steam, the dungeon crawler will be available on Valve’s storefront on the Adults-only area.

Dungeon Travelers: To Heart 2 in Another World is the original game that gave birth to the franchise. It was originally a spin-off to popular visual novel ToHeart2 but the developers found out many fans of dungeon crawlers and hardcore RPGs highly respected their efforts and decided to try exploring an original idea for Dungeon Travelers 2.

Players will have multiple heroines from the ToHeart 2 game to recruit with different base classes. Build up the best team and face off the perils of the dungeons filled with monsters. Carefully exploring the areas will be the key to success.

The story explores a isekai scenario in which Takaaki Kouno and his friends find themselves inside a “full-body immersive RPG experience” created by Ma-ryan. Fully clad in fantasy gear, they will have to do their best to look for answers exploring the dungeon.

Check out a few screenshots of the game below:

While the news is fantastic, it once again shows the inconsistency of the Steam rules as the banned sequels feature explicit images in the same vein as the one now accepted. Hopefully, one day Valve reconsiders the whole thing and allows the banned titles, which were released on PS Vita, so they become available for more PC players.

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