Narrative Adventure ‘OPUS: Echo of Starsong’ Gets September Release Date on PC

Sigono announced that their narrative adventure OPUS: Echo of Starsong will launch on PC-via Steam on September 1, 2021.

This is the third entry in the series that follows the releases of Opus: The Day we Found Earth and Opus: Rocket of Whispers. This entry follows Eda and Jun, who are two star-crossed adventures that must work together to uncover the mystery of a space oddity known as Starsong. Gameplay features moments of visual novel narrative-style scenes of dialogue between the characters as they discuss the next course of action and what to do next.

Further, players will also have to interact with the game during puzzle-solving segments, galaxy charting, space navigating, and third-person exploration. The two characters each have their own abilities to complete specific missions, such as Eda because to love asteroid temples and then switch to Jun to explore puzzles.

“Science Fiction often covers themes of war and hostility, and the horrors that come with it,” says Scott Chen, co-founder of Sigono. “Our stories explore the romantic, even spiritual side of the genre – that’s what Echo of Starsong is all about.”

The developer also released a new trailer showing off the characters, gameplay, and the new release date.

You can watch the trailer below:

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