OPPAI Academy Big, Bouncy, Booby Babes Review – Nothing Cept the Goods

OPPAI Academy Big, Bouncy, Booby Babes Review – Nothing Cept the Goods

Okay, let’s just be clear, it will be challenging to form an articulate review about a game titled OPPAI Academy Big, Bouncy, Booby Babes. Given the genre, I’m sure you know if you’ll be playing this game or not, but let’s still have fun for a well-rounded and plump review of this comical eroge harem of well-endowed women.

OPPAI Academy Big, Bouncy, Booby Babes tells the story of Takumi Kazuya, who has just died in his bathroom. However, this is an isekai, so after a bright light flash, he finds himself in a bath with many fantasy women. There are some strange coincidences, such as his childhood friend being here as a witch and even a bird-turned girl he helped years ago. So, liberties were taken here.

Anyway, within the first 20 minutes, Takumi will have driven at least one girl to orgasm. Following this scene, he would have assaulted almost every other character in some way. Absolutely nothing stands in the way of Takumi, and he pretty much gets away with anything he wants. There are no repercussions for his actions, and the other girls don’t seem to mind sharing him.

OPPAI Academy Big Bouncy Booby Babes 4

The entire romance of this experience is handed to the player on a golden plater, and they don’t need to do anything to experience every scene this insane narrative has to offer. If you’re wondering if there’s something special about Takumi, well, there isn’t, other than a magic ability that seems to get everyone naked and feeling frisky.

This is an eroge where the protagonist can do no wrong and requires the player to get in the mindset of a pervert. Takumi is the chad of getting anything he wants with little to no work. Seriously the confidence this game exudes when interacting with women is completely beyond anything I’ve seen. Sometimes he just reaches for a girl’s breast within minutes of meeting her, and she’s just like, “Oh Takumi, how about later?”

OPPAI Academy Big Bouncy Booby Babes 2

One scene of him simply sucking on a nipple went on for 10 minutes straight, and the girl was going absolutely nuts as if he was taking her to euphoria through such a simple act. Now, given the size of the cast, you can expect lengthy scenes for all types of acts, but as the name suggests, this game is only focused on one part of the body, or would that be two?

Anyway, during these scenes, a strange elevator music soundtrack plays in the background. It’s like you’re riding in a hotel elevator with someone moaning their head off. This music doesn’t get any better, and the moans will never stop. I’m afraid I’ve developed some kind of PTSD after the hours and hours of this moaning casual lounge music that I had to endure.

OPPAI Academy Big Bouncy Booby Babes 3

After the 20-minute introduction, you are shown a menu where you can just choose a route and head out. There’s no reason to create save states, and there’s nothing to worry about in terms of choice because clicking on a girl will lead to a sexual interaction with them. Takumi simply gets the VIP treatment through these routes, whether that be with the students, teacher, or any female you meet in the game.

These scenes are typically all the same, with the fourplay being text-only, and then the CG pops up showing the sexual act. Like clockwork, though, we’ll be back to that damn jazzy background music with slurping and moaning overtones. Still, the UI for accessing the routes is easy to read and won’t leave you confused about what you’re going to get. Over time, you’ll even unlock extra scenes with supporting characters. After completing several routes, you’ll progress to the next chapter and just keep going to the conclusion.

OPPAI Academy Big Bouncy Booby Babes 1

The illustrations are decent for each character. Given the expansive number of characters, I was surprised they were able to differentiate them at all. I use that loosely because their personalities are rather shallow and don’t extend beyond their designated tropes.

However, That’s not really a problem because each interaction with them is generally a setup for a sexual act. Some don’t even try and the scene just opens up with the business. To expand the roster, you even unlock mother-daughter scenes. However, believe when I say that only one character in this visual novel experiences any type of growth.

Some interaction feature animated CGs. This is a nice touch considering that there are a lot of CGs. Further, Front Wing has provided various adult patches for the game and a slightly less sexy one for Steam. I’m sure no matter how you play, you’ll get what you came for. There’s also a decent amount of environments, but like the music, these will be reused repeatedly.

OPPAI Academy Big Bouncy Booby Babes 5

OPPAI Academy Big, Bouncy, Booby Babes isn’t going to win any narrative awards, but it does a decent job at being exactly what it wants to be. The overconfident protagonist isn’t cool, and the music will burn into your soul as the weird background to all types of sexual acts. Still, the UI is great, and the low-tension narrative makes this a no-brainer for fans.

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