Onion Soup Interactive to Make Donation to Australian Relief Efforts From Nippon Marathon Sales

Onion Soup Interactive, indie development studio for Nippon Marathon, announced on their Steam Page that they would donate profits of their game to Australian WIRES (Wildlife Information Rescue and Education Service).

This comes as a result of the recent events in Australia. With the number of fires going on, people worldwide are pitching in to lend them a hand. And here. Onion Soup is making their own pitch. From their post on their website:

Onion Soup Interactive today announced it will donate all profits for one week from sales of Nippon Marathon on Steam to charity. Profit from the sales between January 7th – 14th will be donated.

In a further statement, they state that it’s”sad to see what’s happening in Australia.” Furthering that, they add:

“we must protect the wildlife, with fires destroying lands the size of Scotland, they cannot survive without our help”

This is a great effort to put forward, as it provides a win-win situation: players get a game, and a donation is made to the cause.

With this effort, the devs have provided an avenue for people to want to donate. On top of this, they also provided people with a link to donate directly to the fund, which is also here.

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