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    Title: Onii-Kiss: Onii-chan, Where Is My Kiss?
    Developer: Tinkle Position
    Release Date: September 26, 2019
    Reviewed On: PC
    Publisher: Sol Press
    Genre: eroge

I’m sure we all have our kinks, and I’m not here to judge, but some might still be a little more controversial than others. However, it seems that developer Tinkle Position knows no boundaries with their newest game to come west, Onii-Kiss: Onii-chan, Where Is My Kiss? If you’ve ever watched anime, I’m sure you can make out what “onii-chan” means, which tells me you know where this store is going by the title alone.

Onii-Kiss: Onii-chan, Where Is My Kiss? begins by introduces the protagonist, who’s name is conveniently Onii-chan. He lives with his family made up of his mom and five sisters, his dad…well we don’t need to worry about him. Anyway, I would describe this household as uncomfortably close since Onii-chan, and his sisters take every opportunity to share a kiss. Being the eldest of five, Onii-chan will clean and manage his sister’s schedules as well as help them out and encourage them. While that sounds like something a good brother would do, things always seem to get a bit awkward when the kissing happens.

Unless this is something that you’re into, you can’t escape the sister-love in the story. What’s even more cringy is how Onii-chan wears his sister-love trophy so proudly. He takes pride in being able to kiss his sisters and sometimes tricks them into doing it. Still, I should add that there is a substantial amount of story here and each of his sisters is unique. Even though this is the case, they all seem to be cool with anal, which statistically one of them should have said, “no” too. Moving on, Onii-chan needs to pick up the family business, but to do this, he must first go to school. However, he is so wrapped up with spending time with his sisters that his mom forces him to live in a spare flat. Each night, one of the girls is allowed to bring him a snack while he studies, and the story goes from there.

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As a story, Onii-Kiss: Onii-chan, Where Is My Kiss? doesn’t shy away from what it is. Each girl has a different ending, but they each end rather abruptly. I was more interested in what would happen years down the line. For example, there’s a mom route, and after they hooked up, I amused myself thinking of how they would come to terms with their actions the next morning. Sadly, the prologues of the game only give a brief glimpse into the near future.

No, the story isn’t going to stick with you, but there are some funny scenes here and there and attempts to create a reason as to way Onii-chan and his sisters are so close. The game probably didn’t need as much story as it does. The game can even feel longer since each route plays on similar beats of the two characters getting close while trying to hide it from the others. However, I suppose there’s just no hiding the relationship during the harem route, which makes that route the most unique in terms of structure.

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Player interaction plays a huge role in the game’s theme of kissing. Players can kiss the girls during dialogue, but they can also choose to skip them. The idea is the same here for each route, and the player only needs to give best girl the most kisses in a day. The mechanic works and offers some fun interaction with the characters, but if you’re trying to get serious with unlocking routes, I’d suggest making the options show up as text so you can easily choose whether or not to kiss the girl.

As for other excellent features in the game, each girl has a decent variety of outfits, which are also present in the CG scenes. As you could have guessed, the all-ages version of the game lacks a lot of CGs. However, there’s enough here storywise to understand the situation of each character. The adult version, on the other hand, is packed with content and lengthy scenes as well as additional routes not found in the all-ages version of the game.

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I should also mention that adult scenes in the game are uncensored without mosaics. There are times when western fans request this, but given the source material, I can see how some might not enjoy it too much. Onii-kiss is a game that takes some getting used to, but if you can look past the age, sister love, baths with sisters, shirts that say “Love My Sisters,” and an invisible protagonist eroge, then I’m sure you might find this enjoyable. That is unless you are a fan of the service provided in the game then by all means, you’ve just found enough content here to last you a few years.

The soundtrack in the game is decent, with maybe one stand out track — the game’s menu options allow you to play the songs at any time. Players can also replay scenes and check out additional CGs after the routes are complete. Getting through each of the girl’s routes will unlock the legendary harem route where the story takes a back seat to let the eroge take over for a substantial amount of scenes. However, the in-game options bar has a strange UI tab that was tough to navigate and even look at sometimes.

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Onii-Kiss: Onii-chan, Where Is My Kiss? isn’t for everyone, but if you’ve read this far into the review, then you might be the audience for this game. There’s some clever writing here, and the characters make up what is probably the most adorable cast of an eroge. Sure, they might be his sisters, but Onii-chan’s love for them is real, and at least the game’s story gets that much across.

Don’t go into this game thinking you’re going to learn anything substantial or experience a visual novel that will shoot to the top of your favorites list. Onii-kiss is just a wholesome and straightforward story about an uncomfortably close family. The truth is, no matter how cringy the content, it held my attention across multiple routes and hundreds of kisses. In terms of a pure eroge romance, Onii-Kiss: Onii-chan, Where Is My Kiss? nails all the rights beats, along with a few sisters.

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