Strategy Action Game ‘One Step From Eden’ Shows Off Ten Minutes of Gameplay in New Video

Thomas Moon Kang released 10-minutes of the fast-paced strategy action game, One Step From Eden, coming to Nintendo Switch and PC-via Steam on March 26.

The gameplay highlights the unique cards and spells that players will need to use during battle. Additionally, the video gives players a preview of the game’s systems and characters. If that’s not enough for you, well it is just cool to watch.

One Step From Eden is a combination of strategic deckbuilding with realtime action. The game allows players to case spells during ever-changing battles with evolving enemies. During gameplay, players will collect artifacts and gain allies to make encounters more manageable.

One Step From Eden has players assume the role of Eden, the last hope for humanity in a post-war world. Players are able to fight alone with a friend in co-op modes as they fight their way through the narrative. Additionally, the game offers PvP modes for players to play against friends. The worlds here are procedurally generated with a story that changes depending on the choices that players make.

One Step From Eden features more than 200 spells and over 100 items to use in battle. Battles have bullet hell elements as players will need to move and attack using. There are eight playable characters and bosses in the game to add a variety of battles.

You can watch the gameplay below:

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