One Piece World Seeker Reveals Playable Characters, Sabo and Law, Release Window

Bandai Namco announced new characters for their open-world adventure One Piece World Seeker, available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC-via Steam.

As part of the game’s Season Pass, Episode #2 will feature Sabo as a playable character that will release this fall. Following will be Episode #3 which will allow players to play as Law scheduled for winter. The content will also be able to be purchased individually.

Episode #1 is planned to launch in early summer 2019 which lets players assume the role of the legendary swordsman Zoro. During the episode, Zoro will find his way inside of a robotics factory where he discovers KAGERO, a self-learning experimental weapon that can mimic opponents’ attacks. Well, this dangerous weapon ends up escaping and begins wreaking havoc on the citizens of Prison Island.

Zoro will need to utilize his skills and abilities in order to deal enough damage to the robotic creature. In battle, he can utilize his “Relentless” ability as well as an air-dash that sends him through the wair. Because of his poor sense of direction, parts of the map and mini-map will be blurred out, which is pretty funny.

In case you missed it, check out our review of the game where we comment on the excellent story writing, but lackluster adventure and traversal elements.

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