Netflix Reveals First Look at One Piece Live-Action Adaptation

Netflix has just released a teaser for their One Piece live-action adaptation. It’s roughly a minute and a half and shows off fan-favorite characters in brand-new ways. Everything leads up to a release date of August 31, 2023; for fans who can’t wait to see their favorite anime get ruined, the wait won’t be that much longer.

Netflix, of course, isn’t new to making live-action adaptations of beloved anime series. Previously they released a Death Note adaptation starring Western actors and adapted the story to accommodate that change.

One Piece has always been based in fantasy rather than adhering to realism, so seeing this series embrace that aspect potentially spells hope for success where other live-action adaptations have failed. There isn’t much newness to glimpse of the story’s direction here, but the trailer does show Nami, Zolo, Usopp, and Sanji, meaning we can guess how far the narrative will get looking at just the crew being shown, as well as iconic ships like the Baratie.

Further, some combat sequences are presented, and they are indeed quite something.

Check out the trailer below in case you missed it. We will report on more information as it is announced, leading to the August 31 release.

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