Classic Nakige Remake ‘ONE.’ Demo Now Available on Steam

Classic Nakige Remake ‘ONE.’ Demo Now Available on Steam

Publisher Shiravune has added a demo edition of ONE. to the Steam page of the game. The visual novel remake will be available on PC (Steam, Johren) and Switch on December 22, 2023, but this allows hesitant players to give it a try before deciding whether to buy it or not.

ONE. is a remake of the classic visual novel ONE ~Kagayaku Kisetsu e~, originally released in japan in 1998. The game was one of the seminal entries to the nakige subgenre, that is, the dramatic titles engineered around the idea of making players cry for the tragic events that happen to the main characters.

The game’s story was written in a collaboration between Jun Maeda (who’d later become famous for his Key projects), Naoki Hisaya, and Shinji Takabayashi. Character illustrations come from Hinoue Itaru. The new edition includes the opening song Eien to Iu Hikari performed by singer fhána.

ONE. tells the story of a young man who was just a regular student but little by little ended up creating a small world for himself. As he feared the oncoming changes of leaving school life behind, he started noticing the beauty of everyday life and wishing for something eternal.

His experience leads to him paying more attention to his childhood friend and classmate Mizuka Nagamori, and the always positive senpai Misaki Kawana, as well as other girls who have been close to him.

Check out the opening video recently shared by Shiravune, which has some small sentences translated to English:

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