Omega Strikers Launches Major Overhaul Patch & Finii Character Trailer

Developer and publisher Odyssey Interactive has announced that their free-to-play cross-platform 3v3 footbrawler Omega Strikers has received a staggeringly significant update, altering and remedying various facets of the gameplay experience. 

You can view the quoted system change patch notes below:



High Tea Hijinx

Finii finessed, flipped, and faked out people on a new mode full of fantastic freedom. The mode features 4 new wild maps!! Strikers will battle it out in insane new environments in a first-to-3 frantic showdown.
The 4 maps:
  • Flipped
  • Corner Pocket
  • Back to Back
  • About Face

All Strikers on the map will have their own Hijinx buff, which will grant the following:

  • 125 Move Speed
  • 75 Power
  • 30 Ability Haste
  • 35% Size
    • Note: the maps are larger, so the size isn’t particularly apparent, but missiles and movement abilities cover relatively less distance
  • Increased in-game experience gain.

UI / Systems

  • Updated Strike Shot indicator for mobile and console
  • Emote Muting!
    • Check it out on the scoreboard!
  • Updated Voiceover logic
    • Strikers will now more frequently play their VO to allies and enemies when using their Specials
      • Octavia and Rune in particular will ALWAYS play their VO to help assist for counterplay purposes


  • Decay
    • We’ve added a rank decay system for challenger and above.
    • You can bank up some days depending on your rank.
      • You’ll decay LP per day if you don’t have any days banked.
    • You’ll lose previously banked days when you promote.
  • High MMR central server (NA)
    • Challenger and above


  • Delicious new Juno flavors! (DO NOT EAT HER)
    • Taro
    • Pumpkin
    • Milk Tea
    • Matcha
  • Gamer Juliette
  • Dubu Barista emote
  • New Titles!
    • Tea Time Tussle – Boba
    • Tea Time Tussle – Jelly
    • Tea Time Tussle – Caffeinated
    • Event – Ignited

You can view the latest Omega Strikers update video highlighting a plethora of additions and improvements below:

You can view the quoted patch notes detailing the new character Finii and changes made to other characters, as well as bug fixes, below:

Finii really puts the ‘magic’ in “magician”  by bringing her pranks and sleight of hand to Core Strike! This tenacious trickster can round out any team by offering long-range poke damage and some rather… unique new forms of utility. Finii’s got some cards up her sleeve that can reverse course, a trick to amplify the damage her team does to enemy players,  and can conjure a hypnotic (and explosive!) gravity well that pushes our game’s physics system to its limits. If you want to steal the show with Finii, you’ll need to think two steps ahead!


  • Double Take [SECONDARY] – [IMPACT] [DEBUFF]
    • Deploy a poof of smoke at a target location, dealing a LIGHT hit to enemies and causing them to take 30% more damage from all sources for 4s.
    • PvP Knockback and Damage :: 140 (+70% Power)
    • Core Knockback :: 1260 (+140% Power)
  • Misdirection [PRIMARY] – [PROJECTILE]
    • Launch a decelerating projectile that hits the first enemy struck. After reaching its apex, it rapidly reverses course and hits harder.
    • Empowered PvP Knockback and Damage :: 250 (+125% Power)
    • Empowered Core Knockback :: 1405 (+212.5% Power)
    • Light hit reduction :: 50%
  • Big Finish [SPECIAL] – [IMPACT] [CREATION]
    • Conjure a gravity well at a target location, slowing and pulling enemies towards its center point. After 2.25s or upon recast, the well explodes, hitting enemies away.
    • PvP Knockback and Damage :: 180 (+90% Power)
    • Core Knockback :: 1500 (+425% Power)


Atlas is returning to his lab to soup up his Projection. He’s been a tiny bit behind other meta goalies so we’re giving him some more aggressive options.
  • Astral Projection [PRIMARY]
    • PvP Knockback and Damage :: 160 (+80% Power) → 170 (+E damage up : 160->170 (+85% Power)
    • Core Knockback :: 1300 (+160% Power) → 1320 (+170% Power)


Drek’ar has been a high MMR staple for a while and has made good tournament showings. He cloaked away from nerfs last patch but can’t escape our aim this time.
  • Molten Bolt [SPECIAL]
    • PvP total DoT damage :: 200 (+100% Power) → 180 (+90% Power)


Sibling buffs! Atlas didn’t want to leave his sister in the dust, so he tinkered with her gear too. Hopefully now when she takes the ultimate risk of launching herself at an enemy, it’ll pay off!
    • Cooldown :: 14s → 12s
    • PvP Knockback and Damage :: 210 (+105% Power) → 220 (+110% Power)
    • Core Knockback :: 1385 (+202.5% Power) → 1390 (+205% Power)


The Pendulum has finally swung the other way. After bribing his way into numerous buffs, Rasmus then had the AUDACITY to show off at the tournament stage with his advantaged cooldowns and consistency. We’re pulling them back in line.
  • Whiplash [SECONDARY]
    • Cooldown :: 14s → 16s
  • Pendulum Swing [PRIMARY]
    • Cooldown :: 7.5s → 8s


X can still make a game all about himself when he gets the right Awakenings, so we’re treading lightly and letting him stampede over enemies slightly more.
  • Bull Rush [SECONDARY]
    • Cooldown :: 15s → 14s


Infinite Awakenings are gone.
We found that the negatives outweighed the purpose it served, which was a safety measure to ensure that players had a higher chance of grabbing a usable Awakening. We want players who succeed in a draft to always feel like their success matters, which failed too often when the best choice was an Infinite Awakening. Additionally, strategies could become too easy to shut down (via infinite Unstoppable, for instance) or too overbearing (like infinite Stinger). While we want Awakenings to change the experience of the game, the shared choices should only be presented at the beginning of the game so you can plan around them with your picks and bans.


  • Fire Up! will no longer grant double energy at round start under some circumstances.
    • The tooltip also now accurately shows how much energy is shared with the team on use of Energy Burst
  • Rune’s Shadow Swap (SECONDARY) will now work in Practice mode
  • Certain abilities will no longer bring the Core to a halt when using a gamepad
  • Knockbacks that knock you directly away from a KO zone will no longer knock your striker out (most relevant to Ai.Mi’s App map)
  • Cast to Last no longer appears as having no effect for Vyce in awakening draft.
  • Eject button now works with Octavia’s secondary
  • Vyce Special no longer casts on release if you attempt to cast any other abilities during the channel
  • Players will no longer consistently go into loading screen and get kicked back to main menu.

You can view the Omega Strikers trailer introducing the new playable character Finii below:

Omega Strikers is now available worldwide for PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PC via Steam, and mobile via iOS and Android.

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