3v3 Footbrawler ‘Omega Strikers’ Shares 3 Character Trailers, Profiles & Mini-Comics; Dubu, Kai & Juliette

Developer and publisher Odyssey Interactive has shared new character trailers for their previously announced competitive 3v3 Footbrawler, Omega Strikers, for Dubu, Kai, and Juliette. Additionally, the former two have received their own mini-comics.

You can view the character profile for Dubu below, alongside their dedicated trailer and comic:

Dubu – The Enigmatic Giant Hamster – Lovingly dubbed the “tofu titan,” Dubu’s abilities include Rollout, which launches a projectile that blocks enemies and projectiles in their tracks, as well as a powerful stun-dash known as the Sommerassault. Dubu’s special move Tofu Fortress creates barricades and allows him to strategically alter the arena in his favor.

You can view the character profile for Kai below, alongside their dedicated trailer and comic:

Kai – The Natural Superstar – The most infallible Striker that is simply incapable of making a mistake, Kai’s abilities include the Barrage, a short-range burst of projectiles to take down foes, as well as Blazing Pace, a temporary haste buff to outrun any opponent. His special move Giga Blast is a long-range missile that packs a deadly punch when timed correctly.

You can view the character profile for Juliette below, alongside their dedicated trailer:

Juliette – The Eager Rookie – One step closer to becoming the champ, Juliette’s abilities include the Fiery Fist, a short-range medium hit to all nearby enemies, as well as a dashing medium attack known as the Flying Phoenix. Her special move Flame Flurry hits foes with a flurry of jabs followed by a killer heavy attack.

Omega Strikers will launch for Nintendo Switch, Steam, the Apple App Store, and Google Play on April 27, 2023.

In case you missed it, you can check out the game’s Nintendo Direct announcement trailer below:

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