Okami Series Sells 4 Million Units Worldwide

Capcom has recently updated the sales data section of its official Investor Relations website, showcasing a plethora of its most-selling video game franchises. Of note are Mega Man and Devil May Cry at 40 million and 29 million, respectively.

However, likely the most significant development is the Okami. The series was stated to have sold roughly 3.8 million units as of September 2022, but it has now been updated to reveal that it has finally reached 4 million sold units.

It’s worth noting that this amount comprises every port the original game received, as well as the sales of Okamiden, the often-forgotten sequel that launched exclusively for DS. While it’s doubtful anything significant with Okami will happen in the near future, it’s neat to see it reach this milestone.

Okami is an action-adventure title by developer Clover Studio and publisher Capcom. It initially launched for PlayStation 2 before receiving ports to the Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC.

Players control the sun goddess Amaterasu, as a wolf, on her journey to save the land from darkness. The primary gameplay mechanic is drawing specific shapes with ink, which performs various skills that impact enemies and the environment. The title eventually received a sequel called Okamiden on the DS.

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